My Everyday Life in New Zealand

1. Where it all began…


So I guess I should start at the beginning….where all good stories start!

My husband & I have been married for 13 years. For as far back as I can remember, my husband has expressed an interest to emigrate. I was having none of it. Most especially when he suggested “New Zealand”, the very thought of leaving friends and family – and everything I’ve ever known – behind, to move to this place that was so seemingly unknown, and so far, far away, was simply not an option. It was never an idea that I would allow myself to entertain. No. Just, no!

I never understood the need or desire for people to leave South Africa. I thought it was an overreaction to the policies of the time and have generally always had faith that it was a case of things getting worse before they could get better. I felt this way right up until mid-2015… Until one day I looked around me and realised I may be wrong.

While I don’t consider myself a cynical person or a glass half empty type, the reality was that we now had two beautiful children of 7 & 8 years old…and as most parents will understand, their needs became No. 1. since the day they were born. I started to wonder what things would be like for them in 20 years time. When I saw what the future might hold, I decided to take one very tiny, baby step. I told my husband that I was prepared to take a trip: a trip to New Zealand “just to see”, to look for myself what life might be like if we had to consider such a drastic move.

And so in August 2015 we left the children at home with my mother and took a 2 week, meticulously planned journey through New Zealand…