My Everyday Life in New Zealand

4. High Gear


Having returned from our holiday in New Zealand, my husband and I agreed that the most difficult part of our decision would not be whether or not to move to New Zealand, but WHERE in New Zealand to move to! We had now explored much of the realistic places to work and live on both the North and South Islands. The problem was that every place was just as beautiful, just as “liveable” as the next. Since we had spent the most time in Wellington, had somewhat experienced being a part of this little place on the Kapiti Coast – and enjoyed it – we decided that we’d aim to land here as a starting point for our new adventure.

Let me briefly pause here to add some context to the emotion we’d be feeling at this time:

My husband has travelled, worked and lived in other countries. He is a people’s person but just as comfortable as a “lone ranger”. He is adventurous and thrill seeking and embraces change. His family is dispersed around the country and both his parents have passed away. He was eager and determined and need I say, ecstatic that I’d finally gotten off the fence!

I, on the other hand like to share experiences with special friends or a partner. I seek the company of others and don’t always enjoy being alone. I have a close-knit family, all of us whom were born, grew up and lived only in South Africa, always within just a few kilometres of each other. To make this decision meant not only moving myself, husband and two young children across the world to everything unknown, it also meant leaving behind family – the same family that I could not bear the thought of leaving just a few months earlier.

The fact is, I knew with all of my heart that making this move would be the right thing to do. Sure, I had fallen in love with the country itself – it’s natural beauty and all it has to offer, but, and here comes the controversial part: As a parent I felt it was my duty – that if I had the opportunity, the funding and ability to get them there to enjoy a future that they so much deserved, then I would be doing them a disservice if I didn’t do everything in my power to make it happen. As a wife, I also felt the need to create a better quality of life for myself and my husband, together and as individuals.

As difficult as this was going to be, I had to prepare myself for some negative comments, maybe a lack of support from friends and/or family and anger from those who would not or could not understand. Nevertheless, it was something we ultimately had to do.

And so…as luck would have it, being a professionally trained and experienced project manager, I naturally kicked everything into high gear! We had made the decision and now there would be no turning back.

I started my “project plan” without delay!