13. Inside my little brown suitcase

When I was small I carried a little suitcase… You know the kind? The box shaped brown ones made of hard board with a small brown plastic handle. My suitcase went with me everywhere and it was filled with Lego. Lego was my favourite toy because it had the potential to become anything you wanted.

Houses were my favourite things to build, perfect little houses with gardens and those pretty pink flowers blooming around every corner. I had all the Lego roads, the straights and the curves, which I’d connect to make my miniature neighbourhoods. Even at the age of 5, everything would have its place in my little city, everything flowing, everything functioning as it should. Tiny smiling people would stand at pedestrian crossings and cars, buses and law enforcement vehicles would be evenly spaced on the roads so that there’d be no chance of a terrible Lego accident.

Now please don’t tell me that there are bound to be Lego accidents, that some of my pieces might go missing or that one of my Lego people aren’t smiling… Because today is one of those days when I feel like I am living in my perfectly designed Lego city. Everything flows, everything works. It is New Zealand… and I wouldn’t pack up my little brown suitcase for anything in the world today. What a magnificent city this is. How lucky we are to have taken this massive step towards freedom – and beauty – and this deep breath of life!

…and don’t call it “Legos”! It’s LEGO!

4 thoughts on “13. Inside my little brown suitcase

  1. Denise van den Berg says:

    I always used to say that Switzerland was God’s own country – that was until we moved to New Zealand. This is indeed God’s own country and we couldn’t be happier. Welcome to this wonderful country and Kia Ora!

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