I created this page to share positive experiences from other South Africans who have made the move. If you have a story to share that will motivate and encourage those who are still in the decision-making process or who are already in the throws of emigration – please contact me.

*I do not publish any stories without prior consent from the author.*

On May, 24th 2016, Marc Harmsen from S.A., now living in Auckland, New Zealand writes:

To all those that have made it through the process or who are currently in the limbo stage of waiting for your family to arrive from SA. This will hopefully encourage you to your end goal.

My journey started in New Zealand on the 14th Feb 2016 leaving my Wife and 2 Boys behind. After 3 months of setting up a home, schools and putting my head down to become accustomed to my new Kiwi Job and the way that life should be lived, they finally arrived on the 22nd May 2016.

Don’t ever give up for what you believe in and if you really want it, you’ll do whatever it takes to make your dreams become a reality.

The sacrifice is worth it no matter what that may be? As for me the testament to the belief that you will achieve your dreams was in the emotions I felt when my lil family arrived in Auckland as I knew this was the moment my Wife and Kids could experience Life again!!

Don’t give up and if you are able to make this move you won’t regret it.

Our Journey in NZ has just started. Good luck to those who have decided to embark on this rollercoaster of a journey, may God bless you in your endeavors.


A Message for Teenagers

I came across this lovely piece and have shared it here for those with children, in the hopes that teenagers looking to understand their parent’s decision might find some comfort in these words:

Fritz Garrity-Komp from Melbourne, Australia writes:

“For every teenager about to leave South Africa with his/her parents for Aus / NZ / another country:

25 years ago my dad decided it was best for me and my other siblings to move countries for a better life. At the time being a teen (19) and hated the fact that I was going to have to give up my best friends, everything I have known and loved for “something better” I was devastated…. I “hated my dad”.
Making friends was hard because the kiwis and Aussies were different, however, it didn’t take long to realise that deep down, they are great people !! I made some great Kiwi and Aussie friends !! We had fantastic times as 20something-year-olds and we had some great memories! So it wasn’t so bad after all…
A few years later when I had kids of my own and seen them grow up and see what a great and safer life they have now…. I understood what my dad wanted for us … I could see his vision then and looking back… I am still sad not to enjoy my life in SA, but I know deep down my kids would not be able to play outside like they are now, not able to ride bikes in the CBD as they are now, not able to leave the garage door open with no concerns, not able to walk to and from school with no concerns…. There are so many benefits that I could not see at that time, and now thinking back I am saying “Thank you dad”
Thank you for giving up everything and sacrifice so much so that your kids and your grandkids can have a normal and safe life with loads of opportunities and live life as it should be…”