10. The Gift

Ever since I was a young child I can recall lazy afternoons at my grandparents’ Johannesburg home. I can still picture myself as a young child, sitting cross-legged on the carpet gazing up at my grandfather in awe. He’d sit in his lazy boy armchair, like grandfathers do, telling us stories about the days when he and my grandmother were very much younger.

Although difficult to choose just one, my favourite story would have to be the one where he’d speak about how they’d have regular street parties with their neighbours. He explained how everyone who lived in the street would bring their garden chairs out into the road on a Friday evening. He’d describe in detail how the night would unfold into a soiree of swing music and impromptu jive dancing.

I’d often hear the same story being told to my cousins but I’d never tire of hearing it. My grandfather gained so much joy from sharing stories of his life with us. I’d never be able to tell it the way he could. He was a fabulous storyteller and I hung onto every word he said.

These days, with my grandfather now having passed, I cling to that feeling of being transported back in time, so immersed in the life of this man who I simply adored. Knowing how my grandparents could dance, even in their much older age, the pictures in my mind were clear. I recall all of these stories now, of finding happiness in simple things, in easy to reach places, like little sepia movies in my mind.

It is different for everyone, but this is what New Zealand is for me. Taking back simplicity. Giving to my children what I was once so blessed to have had. Being brave enough to take this giant leap towards what I can aptly refer to simply as a GIFT, a gift that they may have the freedom to write the history that they so deserve.

“When it comes to making a big decision in your life, you have to want it more than you fear it.”


Thank you Oupa 💗


7 thoughts on “10. The Gift

  1. Anonymous says:

    Welcome to you all 💐
    Sounds like the family have settled well.
    If you are finding the days a little long and lonely you could think of volunteering…easy way to meet people..or join either/or both..yoga and a book club.
    Having lived here all my long life the only thing I detest are ‘one armed bandits’ otherwise know as automatic check outs….like at Bunnings and Supermarkets…they do students,Mothers and new immigrants out of jobs..they do not lower the price of goods just feed back profits. So when you see all us oldies queuing at the manned checkouts you will know why we have worked it out…😜


  2. Russ Skinnner says:

    Sincere and enthusiastic welcomes to your whole family. Welcome to this little patch of paradise. We need your and others’ stories to be told so please keep your wonderful writing coming to help Kiwis know the value of diversity and investment into NZ’s future.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Great blog ,neat to see home from new eyes . The Kapiti Coast is a neat slice of NZ and Wellington is certainly the nicest city . I truly hope you feel at home here . I could not do what you have done and immigrate to a new country. I hope you keep your blog going it is very interesting and well written


  4. Anonymous says:

    This piece has brought tears to my eyes, and i can recall so many fond memories of our childhood with Granny and Oupa. Enjoy making your new memories and thank you for sharing. Miss you, sending lots of love!


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